The Secret Number --- 2003年 会津大会 国内予選 問題C

[ Problem ]
 Your job is to find out the secret number hidden in a matrix, each of whose element is a digit ('0'-'9') or a letter ('A'-'Z'). You can see an example matrix in Figure 1.

Figure 1: A Matrix

 The secret number and other non-secret ones are coded in a matrix as sequences of digits in a decimal format. You should only consider sequences of digits D1 D2 ... Dn such that Dk+1 (1 <= k < n) is either right next to or immediately below Dk in the matrix. The secret you are seeking is the largest number coded in this manner.
 「シクレットナンバーとそうでないものは、10進数の列としてマトリックスに埋め込まれている。数字列の D1 D2 ... Dn において、Dk+1はDkのすぐ右隣か真下にある。この方法で見つけ出す最大の数字がクレジットナンバーだ。」

 Four coded numbers in the matrix in Figure 1, i.e., 908820, 23140037, 23900037, and 9930, are depicted in Figure 2. As you may see, in general, two or more coded numbers may share a common subsequence. In this case, the secret number is 23900037, which is the largest among the set of all coded numbers in the matrix.
 「図1に4つの数字 908820、23140037、23900037、及び 9930 が、図2の通り、マトリックスにある。一般的に、複数の数字列が一部共有することもありえる。すべての数字の中から、最大の 23900037 がクレジットナンバーになる。」

Figure 2: Coded Numbers

 In contrast, the sequences illustrated in Figure 3 should be excluded: 908A2 includes a letter; the fifth digit of 23149930 is above the fourth; the third digit of 90037 is below right of the second.

Figure 3: Inappropriate Sequences

[ Input ]
 The input consists of multiple data sets, each data set representing a matrix. The format of each data set is as follows.

   W H
   C11C12 ... C1W
   C21C22 ... C2W
   CH1CH2 ... CHW

 In the first line of a data set, two positive integers W and H are given. W indicates the width (the number of columns) of the matrix, and H indicates the height (the number of rows) of the matrix. W+H is less than or equal to 70.
 「W, H (それぞれ70以下の正整数)、マトリックスの横幅と高さ。」

 H lines follow the first line, each of which corresponds to a row of the matrix in top to bottom order. The i-th row consists of W characters Ci1Ci2 ... CiW in left to right order. You may assume that the matrix includes at least one non-zero digit.

 Following the last data set, two zeros in a line indicate the end of the input.

[ Output ]
 For each data set, print the secret number on a line. Leading zeros should be suppressed.

[ Sample Input ]
7 4
6 7
20 2
0 0

[ Output for the Sample Input ]

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