Problem C
Area of Polygons
---- 2003年 会津大会 ----

Yoko’s math homework today was to calculate areas of polygons in the xy-plane. Vertices are all aligned to grid points (i.e. they have integer coordinates).

Your job is to help Yoko, not good either at math or at computer programming, get her homework done. A polygon is given by listing the coordinates of its vertices. Your program should approximate its area by counting the number of unit squares (whose vertices are also grid points) intersecting the polygon. Precisely, a unit square “intersects the polygon” if and only if the intersection of the two has non-zero area. In the figure below, dashed horizontal and vertical lines are grid lines, and solid lines are edges of the polygon. Shaded unit squares are considered intersecting the polygon. Your program should output 55 for this polygon (as you see, the number of shaded unit squares is 55).

Figure 1: A polygon and unit squares intersecting it


The input file describes polygons one after another, followed by a terminating line that only contains a single zero.

A description of a polygon begins with a line containing a single integer, m (>= 3), that gives the number of its vertices. It is followed by m lines, each containing two integers x and y, the coordinates of a vertex. The x and y are separated by a single space. The i-th of these m lines gives the coordinates of the i-th vertex (i = 1, ..., m). For each i = 1, ..., m-1, the i-th vertex and the (i + 1)-th vertex are connected by an edge. The m-th vertex and the first vertex are also connected by an edge (i.e., the curve is closed). Edges intersect only at vertices. No three edges share a single vertex (i.e., the curve is simple). The number of polygons is no more than 100. For each polygon, the number of vertices (m) is no more than 100. All coordinates x and y satisfy -2000<= x <= 2000 and -2000 <= y <= 2000.
 「各多角形のデータは頂点を示す整数m(>=3)の行から始まる。続くm行に、頂点の座標を表す2つの整数x, yが入る。i番目の行はi番目の頂点の座標。i+1番目の頂点とi番目の頂点とはエッジ(腺分)でつなぐ。最後のm番目の頂点は最初の1番目の頂点とエッジで結んでいる。エッジ同士は頂点でしかぶつからない。1つの頂点からエッジ3本出ることはない。個々の多角形の頂点の数は100以下と考えてよい。x, y座標の値は-2000から2000の間。」


The output should consist of as many lines as the number of polygons. The k-th output line should print an integer which is the area of the k-th polygon, approximated in the way described above. No other characters, including whitespaces, should be printed.

Sample Input

5 -3
1 0
1 7
-7 -1
5 5
18 5
5 10
-5 -5
-5 -10
-18 -10
0 0
20 2
11 1
21 2
2 0

Output for the Sample Input


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